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It all starts with the right apples! At Twisted Roots we use only "Eating Apples", which is different than traditional cider makers. We do this to keep our cider light and crisp, without all those harsh/bitter tannins, some ciders can have.

2. pressing


Pressing is where the "Artistry" of cider making comes together. At Twisted Roots we blend all of our 5 different apples together at the time of pressing, allowing all the different flavors to have enough time to truly influence the flavor of our cider! Our light pressing process makes sure the juice is not bruised, and that you get to experience all of the rich apple flavor.


3. fermentaion

After blending, all the juice is put into stainless steel fermentation tanks. We then add "Ale" yeast, just to be a little different, and give our cider that light, beer-like feel. Temperatures in the tanks are constantly monitored for the next 7-10 days, to ensure they don't get too hot. When fermentation is done, the cider is cooled down to about 40 degrees, to "cold stabilize" the cider and ensure a tasty final product.

4. filtering & bottling

The final step in the production process is also unique to Twisted Roots. As our "roots" are in the wine business, we put our cider through the same wine filters just prior to bottling, which is why our cider is almost clear. We think this final step helps to continue our philosophy of producing a light, crisp, and refreshing cider. Then the cider is bottled.....and passed on to you!


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