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About Our Cider

Twisted Roots Hard Cider was born out of necessity. So naturally, we think it's necessary that you drink it. Josh Ruiz, winemaker for Twisted Roots Wine set out to find himself a cider worth talking about which culminated in the birth of Twisted Roots Hard Cider.

Josh Ruiz, winemaker for Twisted Roots Wine, loves his wine, but on those warm Carmel Valley days, he found himself searching for something other than wine. Not being a fan of beer, he decided to dive into Hard Apple Ciders, which lead to traveling the world to find a Hard Cider "style" worth indulgence; and the rest as they history.

After traveling around California and Europe tasting ciders, he decided that what he really wanted didn't seem to be out there. He wanted to taste the apples, much like you taste the grapes in his wines, without all the added harshness, bitterness, and yeasty flavors of the ciders he found. So he decided to stick to his "Roots" and set out to make cider that strayed from the norm.

We think he did just that, and we hope you agree!

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