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Twisted Roots Hard Cider was born out of necessity. So naturally, we think it's necessary that you drink it. Josh Ruiz, winemaker for Twisted Roots Wine set out to find himself a cider worth talking about which culminated in the birth of Twisted Roots Hard Cider. 

Cider for one,
Cider for all.

Twisted Roots Hard Cider isn't your average hard cider. Forget about the abundance of carbs and sugar and indulge... guilt free. Unlike traditional American ciders, Twisted Roots Hard Cider is lightly carbonated, low in sugar, and full of apple flavor. It's the perfect pairing for those warm summer days, or sitting by the warm flames of an open fire.


Want to learn more about our cider or just want to stop by for a taste? Visit the Twisted Roots tasting room or get in touch thru the details below.

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